Anonymous asked:

Hey can I see a picture of their cage? Am "redecorating" and trying to think of a good setup!

Hey :-)
I already posted one a while ago so here is the link:

We didn’t change the interior since that (except the bed - they get a new one now and then when they destroy the old one). We thought of adding some more beds/ hammocks as they love them so much.

I guess our cage is quite different from most cages I’ve seen on tumblr. We used a lot of wood while most people use plastic elements I guess. The wooden Elements need to be cleaned very often as they start so smell quickly. (We wash them with a light vinegar solution and put them into the oven for an hour to get it clean and rid of the odor.  

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask if you have further questions or if you want to see other/more detailed pictures :-)

Have a nice day!